Chat with us, powered by LiveChat The following controversial case was reported in a local newspaper. It involved a father from Guatemala who exposed the hand of his 5-year-old son to an open gas flame as punishment for |

The following controversial case was reported in a local newspaper. It involved a father from Guatemala who exposed the hand of his 5-year-old son to an open gas flame as punishment for


The following controversial case was reported in a local newspaper. It involved a father from Guatemala who exposed the hand of his 5-year-old son to an open gas flame as punishment for stealing a packet of gum. School staff noticed the bandage on the boy's hand and having learned from him how he sustained the injury made a report to Child Protective Services. Citing, "we find ourselves in the cross-current of customs and habits," the judge reduced the charge from a felony with punishment of up to 6 years in state prison to a misdemeanor and fined the father $100.00. The prosecutor proposed state prison for the father, and others commented that exposing a child's hand to an open flame is not an accepted form of punishment in Guatemalan culture or in the Latin culture generally. The parents reported being unfamiliar with American culture, but now have learned their lesson and plan to be better parents. It was the father's first time being charged with child abuse, but during the court hearing, the judge rejected the notion that several incidents of the father hitting the child with a belt could be interpreted as child abuse.

After reading the case study for unit 3, do you think the judge was too lenient in the case? How is this a good example of cross-cultural conflict? Would you have reported this case to Child Protective Services? Why or why not?

My name is Micah Mann and I am the designer of the Post University Course Human  Services 400, Ethical and Legal Issues.  This presentation is based upon chapter 4 of the text  Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions by Corey, Corey, and Callanan.  This chapter is  titled Multicultural Perspectives and Diversity Issues


Why is there a need for a multicultural emphasis in the field of human services.  First, 

Counselors have an ethical responsibility to provide professional services that demonstrate respect for the cultural worldviews, values, and traditions of culturally diverse clients. Also, To the extent that counselors are focused on the values of the dominant culture and insensitive to variations among groups and individuals, they are at risk for practicing unethically.


The next few slides will cover some important multicultural terminology.  Culture, as 

interpreted broadly, can be associated with a racial or ethnic group and with gender, religion, economic status, nationality, physical capacity or disability, and affectional or sexual orientation. Ethnicity is a a sense of identity that stems from

t hi t ti litcommon ancestry, history, nationality, religion, and race. Multiculturalism is a generic term that indicates any relationship between and within two or more diversebetween and within two or more diverse groups. Multicultural counseling is thought of as a helping intervention and process that defines contextual goals consistent with the


a practitioner’s level ofCultural diversity competence is a practitioner s level of awareness, knowledge, and interpersonal skill when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds This is compareddiverse backgrounds. This is compared with cultural empathy which is therapists’ awareness of clients’ worldviews, which are acknowledged in relation to therapists’ ac ow edged e at o to t e ap sts

awareness of their own personal biases


oversimplified and uncriticalStereotypes are oversimplified and uncritical generalizations about individuals who are identified as belonging to a specific group. This is compared to racism which is any pattern ofThis is compared to racism which is any pattern of behavior that, solely because of race or culture, denies access to opportunities or privileges to members of one racial or cultural group while perpetuating access to opportunities and privileges to members of another racial or cultural group.


the belief that one group’s historyCultural Racism is the belief that one group s history, way of life, religion, values, and traditions are superior to others. While unintentional racism is the often subtle indirect and outsideracism is the often subtle, indirect, and outside our conscious awareness; this can be the most damaging and insidious form of racism. Finally, cultural tunnel vision is a a perception of reality b d li it d t f lt l ibased on a very limited set of cultural experiences.


This slide gives an overview of how the human service worker can reach out to diverse 

client populations. The multicultural counseling competencies that can be found in your text provides a framework for the effective delivery of services to diverse client populations. In the past, Models of helping based on Western assumptions have not always considered the influence and impact of racial and cultural socialization.  Therapists must be willing to go outside of the office to deliver services in the community to decrease suspicion and enhance trust. In some cases, cultural traditions contribute to the underutilization of traditional counseling services by minority clients.


Here is an overview of multicultural competence.  It is important to remember that most ethics codes address diversity, however, reliance on ethics codes alone does not guarantee multicultural competence. Thus, Ethical practice requires that practitioners be trained to address diversity factors. Likewise, Most contemporary theories of therapy are grounded in Western assumptions, yet most of the world differs from mainstream U.S. culture. So, helpers need to reflect on their own assumptions and challenge stereotypical beliefs and cultural bias.


The next few slides cover some common assumptions and facts related to multiculturalism. 

Assumption, Self-disclosure is a characteristic of a healthy personality. Fact, Some clients view self-disclosure and interpersonal warmth as inappropriate in a professional relationship with an authority figure.


Assumption, Directness and assertiveness are desirable qualities. Face, In some cultures, directness is perceived as rudeness and something to be avoided.


Assumption, It is important for clients to become authentic and self-actualized. Fact, A creative synthesis between self-actualization and responsibility to the group may be a more realistic goal for some clients.


Assumption, Direct eye contact is a sign of interest and presence, and a lack thereof is a sign of being evasive. Fact, Many cultural expressions are subject to misinterpretation, including eye contact, silence, personal space, handshaking, dress, formality of greeting, etc.


This slide gives an overview for addressing sexual orientation. In order to change g therapeutic strategies, one must be open to changing assumptions about sexual orientation. Thus, counselors need to become conscious of their own faulty assumptions. Counselors are challenged to confront their personal fears, myths, and stereotypes regarding sexual orientation


Here are some simple guidelines for addressing sexual orientation in the therapeutic  environment. A therapist should not attempt to change sexual orientation without evidence that client desires change. One needs to recognize that gay and lesbian individuals can live happy and fulfilled lives, and also recognize the importance of educating others about gay and lesbian issues, and recognize ways in which social prejudices and discrimination create problems for clients.


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