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Specifically, the following critical elements must be a

 Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. Risk
    1. Sources: Identify likely sources of risk for the project. Make sure to consider the project scope, budget, and time.
    2. Strategies: Determine risk mitigation strategies for the areas you identified. What strategies could you recommend to minimize the impact of the risks you identified?
  2. Budget: Develop an initial high-level budget based on the individual costs of the project deliverables. In other words, ensure the costs identified in your budget align with the deliverables.


Project Title:

Date Prepared:


Labor Hours

Labor Rates

Total Labor





Other Direct Costs

Indirect Costs




3-1 Final Project Milestone One: Project Introduction, Overview, Tasks, and Resources

Jacob Wright

Southern New Hampshire University

QSO-355: Resource Estimate & Schedule

Professor Duchac

21 May 2023

Table of Contents


I. Project Overview

A. Roles and Responsibilities

B. Scope and Schedule

II. Tasks

A. Description

B. Time

C. Dependencies

III. Resources

A. Alignment

B. Evaluation

IV. Risk

A. Sources

B. Strategies

V. Budget

VI. Schedule


A&D High Tech is a technology business that offers services to clients and small business enterprises and sells computer hardware and accessories. Ted Walter established the business in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1988. Mr. Walter insisted on providing customers with courteous service, and this principle was at the very heart of the Midwestern culture, where Walter spent his whole life. The corporation has experienced enormous growth in just ten years, bringing in roughly $400 million during the fiscal year 2000. Most of the firm's early clients were from states in the Midwest, making it primarily a regional player. However, the entrepreneur prepared to expand the business's reach by catering to the global market.


Background Information:

The company sold its products mostly in Midwest shopping malls and by phone. The Lincoln call center handled phone orders. Phone orders were written on paper and sent to order entry clerks, meaning that order processing took longer, delaying shipment and lowering accuracy. Due to stock constraints, salespersons had to communicate with clients to correct inaccurate information or provide other solutions. The company called back 30% of orders, whereas its primary competitor called back 5%.In 1999, the corporation reorganized. The J. D. Edwards ERP program was the first to be implemented. This software was selected because it could control the company's multiple production elements. An outstanding team of technologists and professionals planned and executed this programming, but they left almost as soon as the software was installed. This raised concerns about how the system would be maintained without trained employees. Despite this hurdle, the project was a commercial breakthrough that reduced customer callbacks to less than 1% of phone orders. After integrating the enterprise resource planning system in 2001, A&D invested in more technology to manage its operations. These gave the company lower production costs and more profits.

Purpose of Project Plan:

The purpose of this project plan is to guide the successful execution of A&D High Tech's online store project. It is a contract between the project manager, executive sponsor, project team, and stakeholders. The plan defines the project, its business goals, and its objectives. It aligns with the company's strategic initiatives to leverage technology, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. The CEO places Urgency on the project, aiming to regain competitive advantage through online sales. Despite time constraints and the absence of the current project manager, the plan will provide recommendations to expedite progress and ensure a timely launch.


Project Approach: Explain how the various behavioral and team management techniques, methodology, and task structure will be utilized most effectively to meet the requirements and objectives of the project.

Project Approach:

To effectively meet the requirements and objectives of the project, a combination of behavioral and team management techniques, methodology, and task structure will be utilized. The project will employ effective communication and collaboration strategies, promoting open dialogue and fostering a cohesive team environment. Agile project management methodology will be implemented to ensure flexibility, adaptability, and quick responses to changing requirements. Clear task structures and assignments will be established, allowing for efficient resource allocation and accountability. Regular progress tracking, milestone reviews, and performance feedback will be incorporated to monitor and manage project deliverables effectively. By leveraging these techniques, methodology, and task structure, the project team will work synergistically toward achieving project success.

Project Overview

Introduce the project overview section. Only a couple of sentences are needed. This section should also indicate the below upcoming subtopics.

Project Overview:

Despite the company's success in embracing technology, it has mostly ignored a pressing issue: the online market. A team headed by Johnson was formed in 2003 to find ways for the business to control the online market by creating an online store from which customers worldwide could make purchases. Clearly, if the corporation neglected the online market, it would lose its leading position in the current market.

A. Roles and Responsibilities

· CEO, Ted Walter: Provide overall vision and support for the online store project.

· CIO Matt Webb: Guide technology aspects and ensure alignment with IT strategy.

· VP of Sales, Jeff White: Provide input on sales and customer requirements.

· Current project manager, Eric Robertson: Assist with knowledge transfer and support during the transition.

Their duties included:

· Describing the business requirements

· Defining the process flows

· Making the architectural design of the project

· Making a simple model of the system

· Develop a structure for how the project's work will be broken down

· Estimating the resources needed for each task in the work breakdown structure (WBS)

· Describing the project's resources and assigning each task an amount.

Other functional employees include:

1. Chris Johnson (Project Manager)

2. Ryan Neff (Functional Lead),

3. Stacy Lyle (Functional Analyst)

4. Rick Burke (Infrastructure Lead)

5. Ryan Neff (Functional Lead),

6. Rick Burke (Infrastructure Lead)

B. Scope and Schedule

Scope: What is the project scope? Identify the key deliverables that are part of the project scope. Note that the scope statements should include what is in scope as well as specifically call out what other considerations are out of scope.

Schedule: When does the project need to be completed? Describe the timeline for the project. This section of the schedule should only identify a high-level timeline of the major deliverables. A full schedule will be requested later in the project plan.


This project has a very broad scope. It includes everything from creating an online brand to offering a forum for clients to interact with the business and provide feedback on how well their products meet their demands. Both the number of customers and their satisfaction rise as a result.


This team has just over two months to develop the online market, so the project's timeframe is extremely constrained. The business's proprietors aim to attract students who will soon return home for the summer. To ensure the project is operational when the students return from their vacations, they should take full advantage of every available minute.


Introduce the project tasks section. Only a couple of sentences are needed. This section should also indicate the below upcoming subtopics.

Tasks Overview:

A&D sells most products that govern the Windows 2000 operating system; most applications are specialized. The architecture of the online store was N-tiered to increase flexibility and allow for future enhancements. The first layer was the web server. Determining the business's requirements and defining the process flows are just a few of the activities involved.

A. Description

Describe the tasks and sub-tasks that will fulfill each of the project deliverables. What impact do the tasks and sub-tasks have on the project schedule? In industry practice it is common to use a work breakdown structure (WBS) Dictionary to capture this information. A sample document and template has been provided for this section entitled “WBS Dictionary Template.” You are free to use other templates, tools, or formats to convey the requirements outlined within the Final Project Part I Document as long as you satisfy the rubric requirements.

B. Time

Impact of Time Estimates on Project Schedule:

Accurate time estimates play a critical role in determining the project schedule. They directly impact the project's timeline, resource allocation, and overall management. If time estimates are underestimated, it can lead to unrealistic deadlines, increased risk of delays, and potential quality issues due to rushed work. Conversely, overestimating time can result in inefficient resource utilization and unnecessary delays. Accurate time estimates enable effective project planning, sequencing of tasks, and identification of critical path activities. They allow for realistic project scheduling, helping to manage expectations, allocate resources appropriately, and ensure timely delivery of project milestones. Thus, the impact of accurate time estimates on the project schedule cannot be overstated in achieving project success.

During planning, task estimates were created for each task. Since the team that calculated the estimates was very knowledgeable in IT-related subjects, the estimates would provide a good representation of the actuals. The databases

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