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Undergraduate Competency Development part 3

the homework document  i need help with is personal and professional identity. the rest arre supporting document to correctly answer the homework question


Undergraduate Competency Development part 3

Hala Al Qasab

Sheridan College


March 3, 2023

Undergraduate Competency Development part 3

Competency and specific behavior

The competency I’m working on developing for this project is initiative. I’m also working on specific behaviors like limiting distractions, avoiding multitasking by prioritizing my work, and dividing my labor into milestones (Valamis,2022).

S.M.A.R.T goal

My smart goal for this competency development project is to improve features related to finances, especially when seeking ways to save income. Saving around 10% of the income I earn is very important. It will help me work on a budget, track my spending, and seek the best ways to save. According to Latham,2020, My goal of improving the financial aspect is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to the development of saving, and time-bound as the share plan has a time perimeter.

Update progress

To achieve my goal, I prepared an 8-week plan. In the first week, I found the best practices for saving income from an advisor and started practicing them. In the second week, I opened a savings account and began biweekly saving some of my income. In the third week, I created a budget and began monitoring my spending by reducing my expenses. In week four, I found a SMART employee share with a four-month withdrawal time limit (China & Lu,2021. In week 5, I started saving weekly by participating in the employee share plan. In week 6, I reduced my budget expenses since I made adjustments and monitored my expenses. In week 7, I normalized the budget and expenditure, and lastly, in week 8, I completed the project by reviewing my progress. Nonetheless, I will not make any changes to my plan as it is an effective saving plan.


At this point, I'm so proud as I had the privilege of finding a financial advisor who helped me achieve my goal. I have a smart goal to help me achieve my financial savings goal (Dirani et al., 2020). However, I’m facing some challenges and one of them is temptations to use the money I saved and a need to stick to a budget. To solve this challenge, I need to monitor my spending and ensure that I stay within the budget I set for my expenses. I should also stick to the weekly plan I developed to help me develop my initiative competency. Another challenge when researching saving ways is the need for a financial advisor. Lacking a financial advisor makes me make bad decisions when developing a plan. To solve this challenge, I can look for a financial advisor who can help me develop an effective and logical savings plan. The financial advisor offered support and guidance as they have experience in saving, making a budget and solving obstacles in case they occur. In my CPL1, my strengths were being creative and formulating new ideas when making a plan. Therefore, using my mindset and grit can play an important role in solving my challenges using initiative.

Appendix 1.1

The above appendix 1.1 demonstrates how I have progressed in my development project. Through my eight-week plan, I have progressed from finding the best saving practices from an advisor to opening a saving account to begin saving. This photo illustrates that the saving plan was effective and progressed in each weekly plan. The weekly plan I made will help me save my biweekly income in the saving account that I opened. I will also develop a budget that I can follow to the end. The project progress also indicates that I have researched and found the best ways to save my income semiweekly through a financial advisor. Therefore, the weekly progress will lead to success in that I can demonstrate my comprehension of how to save without facing obstacles.

The success of my project is because my competency development project aims at developing my initiative. It starts by attempting to save a small percentage of my income biweekly in my savings account. By embracing this plan, I can effectively attain my smart goal. I will also be able to face any challenges that may occur by asking for help from financial advisors. Therefore, to complete my project, I have to complete the competency development project by reviewing my progress which shows that it goes up, as shown in the appendix 1.1.


China, K. P. M. G., & Lu, L. (2021). China tightens tax administration on employee share schemes and technology enterprises.  International Tax Review.

Dirani, K. M., Abadi, M., Alizadeh, A., Barhate, B., Garza, R. C., Gunasekara, N., Ibrahim, G., & Majzun, Z. (2020). Leadership competencies and the essential role of human resource development in times of crisis: A response to COVID-19 pandemic. Human Resource Development International, 23(4), 380–394. Tandfonline.

Latham, G. (2020). Goal setting: A five-step approach to behavior change. In  Organizational collaboration (pp. 10-20). Routledge.

Valamis. (2022, December 28). Top 30 ways to improve work performance [2023]. Valamis. Retrieved March 2, 2023, from




The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on your personal and professional identities developed through your BBA journey. How have you developed? What has changed? Companies are moving to online screening tools with job applicants. Your ability to professionally and concisely present yourself in an online environment is becoming increasingly important. Video resumes are growing in popularity as are online portfolios.

· Part A – Personal identity (1 pager): reflecting on your assessments in CLP1 and your development over the past couple of years create a “ Manual of me” answering the question: “ tell me about yourself”.

Part A – Personal Identity (Manual of Me)

Instructions: This is an opportunity for self-reflection that leverages assessments from CLP1 and probes beneath the surface on your development over your BBA journey and also to obtain honest feedback from others (family, friends, colleagues). Create a 1 pager Manual of me that includes natural reference to concepts such as your mindset, values, strengths (MBTI).

Structure: below is a sample for illustrative purposes, feel free to be creative and present differently. A good reflections address the six components below in the format below, stronger reflections include additional components (see examples discussed in class) and presented creativity in a different format.

Future assignment tip:

Personal Identity:

· When uploading to your final CLP – remember to include an introductory paragraph for the manual with a paragraph explaining how you have developed as a person though your BBA journey.

· Remember the audience of the final audience of your CLP, it’s not your professor, it could be someone in industry. Set the business tone accordingly. Example: “I cannot focus for long periods of time” vs I believe in taking occasional 2 minute breaks through the day in order to maintain focus on the work that I am doing”

Calendar  Description automatically generated

I am a student at Sheridan as well as apart time employee at td bank as manager customer experience. I recently got married. I like travelling and trying new recipieces in my free time.

I lived in three different countries so far and have learned about different cultures and traditions.

Instructions: This assignment will be a video submission. You will submit the URL to drop box. If your setting is on private, then drop box the link with your e-mail and password to ensure the video is viewable. Each student will have up to two minutes to answer the question, “ Why I should hire you”. Elements such as business casual attire, clarity and the ability to communicate skills that you have developed will all be looked at. The video must represent you, you must be seen and heard. Powtoons and the like will not be accepted.

Note: Videos that exceed two minutes will not be viewed past the two minute mark.


· Ability to answer the question ‘Why should I hire you’

· Your technical and professional skills

· Your strengths

· Dressed at the minimum business casual

· Script memorized and delivered in a conversational manner

· Explain why a company should hire you. What sets you apart.

· Remember to set the tone with a professional greeting and closing

Success tip: Some students find it useful to find an actual job posting they would be interested in so they can link their video to that posting.

Before submitting, consider: are your comfortable enough with you submission to share with an employer?

Future assignment tip:

· When adding this to your final CLP. Include an opening paragraph to introduce your video.

· Remember to add your purpose statement to your Professional Identity on your final CLP

· Marketing tools such as your LinkedIn profile and Resume will be used

Undergraduate Competency Development

This assignment has intentional elements to support the continued development of the following Undergraduate Competencies:

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving


Collaboration & Leadership

Agility & Adaptability


Initiative & Entrepreneurship


Oral & Written Communication


Accessing & Analyzing Information


Curiosity & Imagination



(MS Office Tools)


Rubric: 20 marks


Level 1: Beginning

Level 2: Developing

Level 3: Accomplished

Level 4: Advanced

Personal Identity – Manual of Me Reflection

Limited or no reflection

Adequate reflection on question posed

Missing integration of concepts such as mindset, grit, values and/or personality strengths MBTI

Satisfactory reflection includes the six provided components provided

Satisfactory integration of concepts such as mindset, grit, values and/or personality strengths MBTI

Robust reflection includes additional reflective components in addition to the six provided

Robust integration of concepts such as mindset, grit, values and/or personality strengths MBTI





Personal Identity – Manual of Me


Sample provided was utilized, additional creativity missing.

Sample template provided was creatively enhanced

Manual of me presented in a different and creative way vs the sample provided




Professional Identity – Reflection

Limited or no reflection on reflection on question posed naturally discussing technical and professional skills and strengths

Adequate reflection on question posed naturally discussing technical and professional skills and strengths

Satisfactory reflection on question posed naturally discussing technical and professional skills and strengths

· Robust reflection on question posed naturally discussing technical and professional skills and strengths





Professional Identity – Professionalism

Little visible effort to be professionally presented and/or dressed for a business environment

Setting/background inappropriate and unprofessional

Unprofessional opening or closing

Minimal efforts to be professionally presented and/or dressed for a business environment

Setting/background inappropriate or unprofessional

Missing either a professional opening or closing

Adequate attire appropriate for a business environment

Setting/background somewhat professional and appropriate

Adequate tone with opening and closing

Professionally presented and attire appropriate for a business environment

Setting/background professional and appropriate

Professionally set the tone with a strong opening and closing





Professional Identity – Quality

Voice is mumbling or too low, pronunciation is incorrect

Difficult to understand what is being said

No use of gestures or voice inflection

No eye contact and fully reads from notes

Not within the allocated timelines

Voice added some quality to the presentation however there was either some mumbling or too low, or pronunciation is incorrect

Generally able to understand what is being said

Limited use of gestures or voice inflection

Limited eye contact/reading and significant reliance on notes

Voice added quality to the presentation in both volume and clarity

Easy to understand what is being said

Appropriate eye contact or tone with limited reliance on notes

Within allocated timelines

Voice was used in a compelling manner that introduced enthusiasm and energy to the presentation

Easy to understand what is being said

No visible use of notes/reading

Within allocated timelines





Data Integrity & File Management: It is critical to ensure that you are submitting the right file, in the right folder at the right time. This is a professional expectation in industry, second chances will not be provided.





Personal Brand

Hala Alqasab


Advanced Creative Learning Portfolio

Feb 12, 2023

Personal Brand

Define your Personal Brand (Research)

A personal brand is an individual's reputation and image in the public eye. It reflects who they are and what they stand for, and it is a powerful tool for networking, job searching, and reputation management (Borman-Shoap et al., 2019). A personal brand is essential because it can help individuals stand out from the crowd, build trust and credibility, and create a unique and recognizable identity. It can also establish relationships, attract opportunities, and open up new opportunities (Vițelar, 2019). My brand, The Creative, represents my passion for turning ideas into reality. It stands for my zest for life, my ability to discover beauty in everyday experiences, and my knack for creating something inspiring. It expresses my artistic side, an affinity for getting my hands dirty, and joy in sharing my masterpiece with others. It represents my ambition, creativity, and excitement for the world around me. My brand summarized in 3 words is Innovative, Artistic, and Inspiring.


My website from CLP1 communicates a lot about myself. It emphasizes my skills and education while also showing some of my personality. Through my website, I demonstrate my ambition and drive to succeed in anything I set my mind to. It also showcases my creativity and willingness to learn new things. My website shows that I am an organized and detail-oriented person, and I am passionate about my work and my academic pursuits. It also shows that I am open-minded, cheerful, and eager to take on new challenges. This Brand still represents me today. I have maintained my ambition, excellence, and positivity, all of my Brand's core values. What has changed is my level of experience, knowledge, and skills. I have gained more experience in my academic studies and the workplace and have also acquired more knowledge and skills as I continue to learn and grow. My Brand continues to evolve as I develop myself and my skill set, but I have remained true to the core values that define my Brand.

Aligning to Industry Expectations

My Brand of ambition, excellence, and positivity aligns well with the competency expectations of my discipline/industry. According to the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, the core competencies for accounting are communication, problem-solving and decision-making, technical skills, professionalism, teamwork, business acumen, and leadership. My Brand reflects my commitment to excellence in all of these areas.

I have strong communication skills and can effectively express my ideas in written and oral form. I am a problem solver and have a knack for making decisions quickly and efficiently. I have developed various technical skills, from accounting to cooking, and I am always eager to learn more. I strive to be professional in all aspects of my work and am a team player who values collaboration. I am business-minded, and I understand the importance of understanding financial statements and industry trends. Finally, I am a leader who is passionate about helping others reach their goals and succeed. I can bring a unique contribution to the industry by leveraging my Brand and my diverse skill set to make a positive impact. I am confident I can use my knowledge and experience to become a successful accounting professional.

Your Brand and CLP Portfolio

I will use my CLP to reinforce my Brand by highlighting my academic and professional achievements and my skills and experience. I will also use my CLP to showcase my enthusiasm and passion for learning and growing. I plan to update my CLP regularly with new experiences and accomplishments. I will also be sure to include any relevant information that will help demonstrate my Brand's core values. I will also use my CLP to connect with other professionals in my field and build my network. This will help to establish my Brand further and create more opportunities. Finally, I will use my CLP to link to my website, which will help ensure that my Brand remains consistent across all of my platforms.

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